Wolves' Crossing Kids

Being a kid is tough, but even harder when you're a werewolf. Join Sam, Julie, Chris and many more as they struggle with some unusual challenges of growing up werewolf.

Cyndi Cloutier

Cyndi Cloutier works as a bookkeeper by day and at night writes about things that go bump in the night. Her first published work, Full Moon, is a story for young readers about a nine-year-old werewolf named Sam who has an embarrassing predicament on his hands. Or rather, on his head… Cyndi currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

*Wolves’ Crossing, Alberta, Canada

Wolves’ Crossing is nestled in the Canadian Rockies and is surrounded by forest. Home to the world’s only werewolf community, the inhabitants face challenges as unique as their town.

*Wolves’ Crossing is a fictitious town populated with fictitious characters

Welcome to the official website of Cyndi Cloutier, author of the middle-grade chapters books. Here you can find everything you want to know about Cyndi, as a writer and as a person. You can also purchase Cyndi’s books online and personally ask her questions about her work

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